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14 November 2014

The Mediterranean: Opportunities and Challenges and the Priorities for Europe and Italy

After more than three years since the Arab Spring, political and social scene is still variegated. On one hand, some countries seem to have taken a more linear road which has brought to the adoption of new Constitutions, on the other some countries show an even higher rate of instability and uncertainty. While Europe and Italy are focusing on economic crisis, the world around us has changed. Political crises and wars have caused serious consequences for the economic relationships between Italy and these countries. This issue will be discussed during the annual conference of the Observatory on South Mediterranean Economies of the Chamber of Commerce with diplomat representations of the five countries considered by the Observatory. The 7th edition of Economia Internazionale” and “Francesco Manzitti” prizes to an economist and to an entrepreneur in recognition of their contributions to the internationalization of Italian economy will take place at the end of the proceedings.