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Premio “Economia Internazionale”

Vito Tanzi, Economist and full professor at George Washington University and American University, Washington

Premio “Francesco Manzitti”

Roberto Cingolani, Scientific director of Italian Istitute of Technology


The “Economia Internazionale” Prize for 2016 is awarded to professor Vito Tanzi for his high contribution to political economy in the public finance area. Professor Tanzi was born in Italy but got his Economy PhD at Harvard University. His career has been spent mostly as Head of the Public Finance Department at IMF. He has held the position of adviser for the UN, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, The European Commission, the Inter-American Development Bank. He has published several scientific  books and articles for the most important economic journals in the world, but he has never diverted the attention from Italian economic issues, as witnessed by his last work entitled “Dal miracolo economico al declino? Una diagnosi intima”,  written after a disappointing experience as undersecretary for economics and finance of  Italian Government. We are grateful for his suggestions to policy makers  aimed at rationalizing economic policy.

It is a great honor for the Institute of International Economics to award the 2016 Prize  to an expert who has contributed with his research work  at the identification of important monetary policy strategies.



The “Francesco Manzitti” Prize for 2016 is awarded to Professor Roberto Cingolani for his vast, deep and manifold  research activity; the jury wishes to emphasize the systematic process between scientific research and entrepreneurial idea which characterizes Cingolani’s work and which best represents the kind of research and entrepreneurship our country needs.
Professor Cingolani is author or co-author of about 750 papers published in international journals and holds about forty-six patent families. Recipient of many awards from industrial enterprises and scientific societies, he has received the “Guido Dorso” Prize by the Senate of Italian Republic for his research activity and was awarded with the title of “Alfiere del Lavoro”  and “Commendatore della Repubblica” by the President of Italian Republic.

It is a great honour for the Jury to award Professor Cingolani with this Prize for his important, complex and elaborated research activity which combines scientific research and management skills, bringing both ITT and Genoa to the international stage.