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Review “Economia Internazionale
/ International Economics” Since 1948 an important scientific context for economists all over the world published by the Chamber of Commerce of Genova.

The review Economia Internazionale/International Economics is and international economic journal published since 1948 by the Institute for International Economics.

Published papers concern results of researches and studies of economic models applicable to micro or macro-economic national and international realities.

Economia Internazionale is a double blind peer reviewed journal. Throughout its history many important scholars have submitted and published their papers with Economia Internazionale and just due to these high level contents it achieved an excellent repute among economists all over the world.

Economia Internazionale / International Economics is a scientific journal (according to ANVUR Classification – Agenzia nazionale di valutazione del sistema universitario) and is indexed in RePEc, Econpapers, Econlit, Google Scholar, AIDA, ACNP, ESSPER.

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03 May 2022
Volume 75 - Issue 2

Latest issue of the review

In this issue:

The Future of the European Union

Should Serbia Join the European Union, and what Cost might this Entail?

A Behaviour of South Africa’s Economy towards Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Brazil, Russia, India and China (Brics) Economies

Life Insurance and Economic Growth in South Africa

Military Spending and Inequality in South Africa: An ARDL Bound Testing Approach to Cointegration


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Economia Internazionale/International Economics, edited by the Chamber of Commerce of Genova, is published quarterly.
The Review publishes scientific articles on all economics research topics. In particular, it aims at encouraging and disseminating high quality researches about Italian and world economy.
To this purpose, the journal welcomes applied, institutional and theoretical papers dealing with issues which can be of relevance for the economic debate.
To send an article, authors are requested to follow the instructions in the web-site of the Economia Internazionale/International Economics.
The Review is double blind peer-reviewed and indexed in RePEc, Econpapers, Econlit, Google Scholar, AIDA, ACNP, ESSPER.

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Staff of the Review


Luigi Einaudi (Honorary Member)

Luigi Amoroso

Costantino Bresciani Turroni

Epicarmo Corbino

Orlando D'Alauro

Gustavo Del Vecchio

Mauro Fasiani

Pasquale Jannaccone

Francesco Manzitti

Volrico Travaglini


Nicola Acocella - University La Sapienza Rome - Italy

Luigi Attanasio - President of the Chamber of Commerce of Genova

Eugenia Baroncelli - Università Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna - Italy

Giorgio Basevi - University Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna -Italy

Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi - School of European Political Economy, Luiss University , Rome - Italy

Maurizio Caviglia - Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Genova

Parvesh K. Chopra - International Centre for Development and Performance Management, Leeds -UK

Georgios Chortareas, King\'s College London - UK

Isabella Consigliere - University of Genova - Italy

Maurizio Conti (CO-EDITOR) - University of Genova - Italy

Mario Deaglio - University of Turin - Italy

Amedeo Fossati - University of Genova - Italy

Jeffry Frieden - Harvard University, USA

Miroslav N. Jovanović -

University of Geneva Global Studies Institute

Dušan Sidjanski Centre of Excellence in European Studies Geneva, Switzerland

Rainer Masera - University Guglielmo Marconi, Rome

Giuseppe Mastromatteo - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan - Italy

Carlo Panico - University Federico II, Naples - Italy

Giovanni Battista Pittaluga - University of Genova - Italy

Paolo Savona - President of CONSOB

Elena Seghezza (CO-EDITOR) University of Genova - Italy

Vito Tanzi - International Institute of Public Finance, Munich - Germany


Giovanni Battista Pittaluga - University of Genova - Italy



Giovanni D'Alauro

Gabriele Cardullo

Anna Galleano

Angela Procopio

Alessandra Repetto

Claudia Sirito


The Editors of Economia Internazionale/International Economics would like to thank all of our referees whose expertise contributes to the quality of research papers. Thanks to their largely unseen work peer reviewers are key to advancing scholarship and improving the quality of scholarly journals.


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Download the list of referees (PDF format - 38KB)


Download the list of referees (PDF format - 47KB)


Download the list of referees (PDF Format - 18KB)


Download the list of referees (PDF format - 38KB)


Download the list of referees (PDF format - 47KB)