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Corresponding Author:
Richard J. Cebula, Davis College of Business, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jiayi Xu, Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A Brief Survey of Recent Studies of Bank Failures in the U.S.

Volume 76 - Issue 2, May 2023
(pp. 265-274)
JEL classification: G21; G32; G33
Keywords: Banking; Bank Failures; U.S. Banks; Bank Financial Ratios; Balance Sheet Data


This study provides a brief review of several recently published papers that attempt to identify factors that have influenced the failure rate of commercial banks in the U.S. In the effort to provide more useful/contemporary insights, the focus is on studies of bank failures published in the year 2000 and thereafter. Most of the studies emphasize micro-level causal factors, although certain studies direct attention to macro-level analysis. Moreover, there is an effort, albeit only modest, to identify factors affecting the bank failure rate of minority-owned banks; this fact suggests an arguably useful emphasis for future research. 

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